I am a p[Hm]oor [Em]wayfaring str[Hm]anger, 
a travling thr[E]ough [Em]this world of w[Hm]oe
yet there's no sick[Em]ness, toil or d[Hm]anger
in that bright l[E]and [Em]to which I g[Hm]o

I'm going h[G]ome [A7]to see my f[D]ather    [Hm]
I'm going th[G]ere [A7]no more to r[F#7]oam 
I'm just a-g[Hm]o-[Em]ing over j[Hm]ordan
I'm just a-g[E]o-[Em]ing over h[Hm]ome

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