[Gmaj7]Unforgettable that's what you [Gdim+7]are
[Cmaj7]Unforgettable though near or [A9]far
[F6]Like a song of [Fm6]love that clings to me
[C]how the tought of [A7]you does things to me
[D9]Never before [Ddim]has [D9]someone been more

[Gmaj7]Unforgettable in every [Gdim+7]way
[Cmaj7]And forevermore that's how you'll [A9]stay
[F6]That's why darling [Fm6]it's incredible
[C]that someone so [A7]unforgettable
[D9]thinks that I am [G76]unforgettable [C]too

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    Titre : DVD Unforgettable, saison 2 Support : DVD Pays : ETATS-UNIS Date de sortie marché : 23/07/2014
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