#Gadd4 - 300013 (or 320013)
#Gadd2 - 300203 (or 320203)
#Cmaj7 - 032000
#Cadd9 - 032030
#Asus2 - 002200
#Asus - 002230
#D6 - 000432
#D4? - 00032
#F - 003211
#Fadd9 - 003213
#Fmaj7 - 003210

First verse:
[G]Still [Gadd4]glar[G]ing  [Gadd2]from [G]the [C]city [Cmaj7]lights
Into [Am]para[Asus2]dise I [D]soared [D][D6][D][D4][D] 

[G]Un[Gadd4]ab[G]le [Gadd2]to [C]come [Cmaj7]down

For [Am]reasons [Asus2]I'd ig[D]nored [D][D6][D][D4][D]

[G]Total confusion  [C][Cmaj7][Am][Asus2][G]


[Am]New  [Asus]things [Am]I'm [Asus2]know...[Am]ing

[Am]..[Am][Asus][Am][Asus2][Am][OPEN hammer on Am][Am]

Second Verse:
I'm standing on a shoreline
It's so fine out there
Leaving with the wind blowin
But love takes care
Know me, know me
Show me, Show me

New things I'm knowing .....

Last verse
Wind blowing through my sails
It feels like I'm gone
Leaving with the wind blowing
Through my sails

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