{c:Intro:  E  A}

        (Buck plays E on 7th fret, A on 5th fret, I believe)
        I took a pictu[E]re that I'll have to se[A]nd
        People here a[E]re friendly and content[A]
        People here a[E]re colorful and brig[A]ht
        The flowers often bl[E]oom at night[A]
        Amanita [D]is the name    [C]       [G]
        The flowers cover e[D]verything         [C]      [G] 
        The flowers cover [D]everything        [C]       [G]    [A] 
        There's something here I find hard to ignore
        There's something that I've never seen before
        Amanita is the name they
        Cover over everything
        [G#]Don't lo[A]ok into the sun   [E]  
        [G#]Don't lo[A]ok into the sun   [B]
        (play verse chords)
        (B)-5-7--5-7--5-7--10--9--7       }
        (G)----------------------------9    } play 2x
        {c:repeat chorus}
        {c:repeat verse}

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  • The Flowers of Evil / Les Fleurs Du Mal
  • Flowers of Romance [Import allemand]
    Record Label: Virgin Catalog#: 0880102 Country Of Release: NLD Year Of Release: 2012 Notes: 2011 Remaser
  • The Flowers of Evil

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