D chord                      Cadd9 chord                  G chord 
e|-------------15----14----|T |-------------15----14----|T |-------------15----14----|T
B|----15-------------------|w |----15-------------------|w |----15-------------------|w 
G|-------14-12----14----14-|i |-------14-12----14----14-|i |-12----14-12----14----14-|i
D|-12----------------------|c |-14----------------------|c |-------------------------|c 
A|-------------------------|e |-------------------------|e |-------------------------|e
E|-------------------------|  |-------------------------|  |-------------------------|

[D]She's got a smile that it seems to me 
Re[Cadd9]minds me of childhood memories
Where [G]everything was as fresh as the bright blue [D]sky
[D]Now and then when I see her face
she [Cadd9]takes me away to that special place
and if I [G]stay too long I'd probably break down and [D]cry

[Cadd9]Oh oh oh [G]oh sweet child of [D]mine
[Cadd9]Oh oh oh [G]oh sweet love of [D]mine

[D]She's got eyes of the bluest sky
as [Cadd9]if they thought of rain
I [G]hate to look into those eyes and [D]see an ounce of pain
Her [D]hair reminds me of a warm safe place
where [Cadd9]as a child I'd hide
and [G]pray for the thunder and the rain to [D]quietly pass me by

[Cadd9]Oh oh oh [G]oh sweet child of [D]mine
[Cadd9]Oh oh oh [G]oh sweet love of [D]mine

[Em]     [C]     [B7]     [Am]     [Em]     [C]     [B7]     [Am]     [Em]     [C]     [B7]     [Am]     [Em]     [C]     [B7]     [Am]

{c:Following vocals ad lib over E  F#  G  A  B  C  D  G chord sequence}
Where do we go
Where do we go now
Where do we go
Sweet child of mine

{c:End on E open chord}

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  • Sweet Child O' Mine

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