[A]  [E]  [D]  
[A]Up up [E]up and down
[D]Turn turn [B]turnaround
[A]Round round [E]roundabout
[D]And over [B]again
[A]Gun gun [E]son of a gun
[D]You are the [B]only one
[A]Makes any [E]difference [D]what I [B]say

[G]The sun shines in the [C]bedroom
[D]When we [C]play
[G]The raining [C]always starts
[D]When you go [C]away


G - D   G - D
A - E   A - E 
G - D   G - D
G - D   G - D
#Chords used   :  A   : 577xxx
#                 B   : x244xx
#                 C   : x355xx
#                 D   : x577xx
#                 E   : 022xxx
#                 G   : 355xxx

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