[F]  [C7]   [F]   [Bb]   [C]  [F]   [F]  [C7]   [F] 

[F]Once [C7]in [F]royal [C]David's cit[F]y, stoo[Dm]d a [F]lowly [Bb]cat[C]tle  [F]shed,
where[C7] a [F]mother [G7]laid her [C7]bab[F]y in[Dm] a [F]manger [Bb]for [C]His  [F]bed.
[Bb]Mary [F]was that [Csus4]mo - t[C]her [F]mild, [Bb]Jesus [F]Christ her [Bb]litt[C]le [F]child.

[F]He [C7]came [F]down to [C]earth from hea[F]ven, Wh[Dm]o is [F]God and[Bb] Lo[C]rd of[F] all,
And H[C7]is [F]shelter [G7]was a [C7]stab[F]le, a[Dm]nd His [F]cradle [Bb]was [C]a s[F]tall
[Bb]With [F]the poor [Csus4]and me[C]ek and [F]lowly, l[Bb]ived on [F]earth our [Bb]savi[C]or [F]holy.

[F]And t[C7]hrough [F]all His [C]wondrous child[F]hood, [Dm]he [F]would [Bb]hon[C]or and [F]obey,
Love [C7]and [F]watch t[G7]he [C7]low[F]ly mother, [Dm]in whose [F]gent[Bb]le a[C]rms He [F]lay.
[Bb]Chris[F]tian chil[Csus4]dren a[C]ll should [F]be, [Bb]mild, [F]obedient, g[Bb]ood [C]as [F]He.

[F]And o[C7]ur [F]eyes at l[C]ast shall see [F]Him, t[Dm]hrou[F]gh his [Bb]own [C]redeeming [F]love.
For t[C7]hat [F]child [G7]so dear a[C7]nd gen[F]tle, [Dm]is our [F]Lord in [Bb]heave[C]n a[F]bove
[Bb]And H[F]e leads H[Csus4]is chi[C]ldren [F]on, [Bb]to the [F]place where [Bb]he i[C]s g[F]one.

Not in that poor lowly stable, with the oxen standing by,
We shall see Him, but in heaven, set at God's right hand on high
When like stars His children crowned, all in while shall wait around.

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