[Bm]   I met a m[D]an
[A] He was a [Bm]good man
[F#m]   Sailing and sho[E]ring
[D]  Dancing the [A]beta can-can
[Bm]   Making me fo[E]reign
[D]   Oh ye[A]ah[Bbm][Bm]

{c:Use the bar chords listed at the end here and add distortion}

[A]    [C#]    [A]    [D]   [F] 
[A]    [C#]    [A]    [D]   [F] 
[A]    [C#]  I want to live in Los Angeles
[A]    [D]  Not the one in Los [F]Angeles
[A]    [C#]  No, not the one in South California
[A]    [D]  The got one in [F]South Patagonia
Here are the bar chords for the middle part:


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