You [E]told me tales of love and glory
[A]Same old sad song, same old story
[E]Sirens sing a [C#m]lullaby
And [G#m]no one knows but [B]Lorelei

Castles out of fairy tales
Timbers shiver where once there sailed
A lovesick man who caught her eye
And no one knew but Lorelei

        [F#m]River, river have mercy
        Take me [B]down to the sea
        For [F#m]if I perish on these rocks
        My [B]love no more I'll see

I've thought of you in far-off places
Puzzled over lipstick traces
So help me God, I will not try
And then I think of Lorelei
I've traveled far and wandered wide
An old photograph of you beside me
Old Man River seems so shy (?)
And he remembers Lorelei


If I should float upon this stream
And see you in my madman's dream
I'd sink into your troubled eyes
And none would know save Lorelei


But if my ship which sails tomorrow
Should crash against these rocks, my sorrows
I will drown, before I die
It's you I'll see, not Lorelei

Outro: [E] [A2] (repeat & end on E)

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