Major ukulele chords with diagrams


If you are looking for major chords to play on your ukulele with chord diagrams, you are in the right place! Find all the major chords to play at ukulele here, with a PDF file to download and print!

What is a major chord?

A chord is composed of three or more notes: the fundamental, the third and the fifth. In the case of a major chord, you find these three notes plus octaves. The major chord of ukulele has a joyous sound, unlike the minor chord that sounds “sad”.

Thus, for a major chord, you have a fundamental that will give the name of the chord, it will be the most serious note. Next, you will find a major two-tone major, which will characterize the major side of your chord. To conclude, the fundamental.

For example, a C major chord is composed of the notes “do mi sol”.

  • Do is the fundamental which gives the name of the chord.
  • Mi is the major third. There is indeed a 1-tone gap between “do” and “re”, then another one-tone gap between “re” and “mi”, which makes two tones, characteristic of the major sound.
  • The right fifth is the ground.

So much for the theory of major chords, now let’s discover the grids and diagrams to play them.

Most used chords in the ukulele

The chords most used and played in the ukulele are “A B C D E F G”, ie chords that are not accompanied by sharps or flats. Below is the grid of these ukulele chords. If you do not know how to read ukulele chords, I’ll let you catch up with us on this link!

Diagrams of the least played major chords

Other major chords are less played, like all those accompanied by a sharp or flat. For example the A #, D # etc. The principle is simple, it is enough to add a semitone to each of the notes played with respect to its form without the sharp. Thus a new multitude of major chords are born to learn and to play, here are the diagrams! You can enrich your compositions with these.

I remind you that all these major chords are included in the downloadable and printable PDF list containing all the ukulele chords of the world!

PDF with major ukulele chords with finger and diagrams
Download the PDF of the major ukulele chords with diagrams !

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