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The application Beat-the-rhythm let you learn rhythm !  We just tried it out. Using this app, you can work on your rhythms in an easier way and memorize the duration of each rhythmic figures in a breeze ! Here is how to download it and train your rhythmic skills through efficient practices and classes.

A playful application to learn rhythm !

Way too many musicians experience issues with rhythm. That’s totally fine ! Who would like to learn rhythmic figures’ durations and count time with those boring music theory classes. Beat the rhythm let your play and practice your rhythm skills in a way funnier way ! All of that through a curriculum ranging from complete beginer to advanced musician on smartphones and tablets.

Une illustration de l'application beat-the-rhythm où on retrouve une guitariste en train de travailler ses rythmiques avec accords
Beat-the-rhythm is a playful application to learn rhythm ! It’s as easy as taping the screen with your finger !

How to play on time and count the beat ?

That’s simple ! You will start by learning beginner’s rhythmic figures and writing, that is the whole, the half and the quarter note and so on. Nothing than checking the basics before moving on to more complex figures and rhythms. Those notes are basically sliding from the right of the screen up to the sights. You should play the note when the figure reach the sights by simply touching the screen with your finger like in a classic mobile rhythm game, or tap tap game.

Of course those notes aren’t randoms. Their timing is synchronized with a metronome (that crazy ‘bip’ you will learn to love). That way, the duration between the notes are respected. The best thing about it is that a voice count the times with you and help you out in the first half of the practice. Afterward, it will stop and you will have to reproduce the same counting in your head or aloud. It proved to be a very efficient method to learn rhythm and get its groove.

Once the practice is done, the next step get unlocked. However, if you made too much mistakes, you will have to repeat the practice until you reach the objective. In a nutshell, a game !

Un joueur de ukulélé et un batteur sont en train de jouer à l'application beat the rhythm afin d'apprendre à bien mettre en place le rythme
Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer or ukulele player, practicing rhythm is essential to ensure good progresses.

The classes and practices’ content

You just need to let the app guide you. It’s basically bringing you from one practice to another, from the beginner level to an advanced musician’s level. Once a practice is complete, the next one is suggested automatically.

Of course there are also rhythm classes. No lengthy videos in this app. The rhythm class is composed of two or three schematics with on or two sentences maximum. The learning is really progressive and focus on efficiency rather than quantity. While we start we easy whole notes, the most common rhythms any musician, including ukulele players, must know are taught a bit later. All of this to end up mastering 16th notes, triplets, linked notes and other figures that are often an issue.

Therefore, the illustrated classes and rhythm lessons will teach the notes’ duration and how to read those. After what turning that theory into practice is done so smoothly that you will not need anything else 🙂 The tempo is automatically set to help you practice rhythm faster and faster.

You will basically learn:

  • how to be in a perfect syn with the beat and follow the rhythm and groove of a music with your instrument
  • how to count perfectly the rhythm and notes and decompose the measures
  • how to play the rhythmic figures like the whole note, the half note, the quarter note, the 16th note and the triplet.
  • how to account correctly for the silences such as the rest, half rest, quarter rest and 16th rest
  • how to use modifiers such as the pointed notes and linked notes

All of that from your smartphone, meaning you can learn rhythm while commuting or even at work (we will keep it secret !)

Une violoniste est en train de jouer à l'application android beat the rythme pour apprendre à jouer des rythmique qui lui serviront à être une meilleure musicienne. Le rythme est essentiel pour réussir à progresser. C'est un secret et une astuce qu'on vous dévoile !
A step-by-step curriculum made of classes, lessons and practices without lengthy videos. You can learn at your own pace !

Our thought and how to get it

Personally, I find this application to be truly efficient. The big strength of this solution is to be able to learn rhythm wherever you want. It’s cute, neat and there is a lot of content ! The learning of the rhythmic figures (notes) is really progressive. Even if you don’t feel you’re memorizing it at first, the voice dictating the rhythm with us actually grow in you.

  • The Cambridge Companion to Rhythm (Cambridge Companions to Music) (English Edition)

Whether what you’re into, blues, rock, pop, jazz, reggae or some extreme exotic alternative stuff, I’m convinced you will manage to improve your musician skills with this app and to finally achieve a neat and ‘clean’ play.

Give yourself 10 minutes a day with this app and you will fill more confident playing your instrument. Whether you’re playing drum, guitar, piano, violin or any other instrument (even if you’re a dj !), this application will give you some motivation back to count the rhythm and tap the beat. A great solution to get on android and soon on IOS !

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